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Germless Products presents our "SP1" short for "Sports Performance One" where Performance Meets Safety.

Our SP1 has been crafted FOR the athlete BY the athlete. We all know our ABCs and in this case its: Agile. Breathable. Complete Seal. 

Agile: Our unique design allows for explosive movement. All forms of Cardio. Running, Walking, Weight Lifting, & Yoga.

Breathable: No more fabric in your mouth when breathing hard. 

Complete Seal: Say goodbye to fogging glasses & worrying about being amongst the crowd. 

We distributed 4 plys of polypropylene in the most crucial areas: your mouth and nose reducing the likelihood of particulate intake. With the SP1s core deflecting particles, the sides are constructed webbing allowing for fresh air to penetrate while remaining at our core of 100% polypropylene. To top it off, we’ve included our trademark for anti-fogging glasses with the unique placement of our foam.

Our SP1 is the Go-To for many. Try it for yourself and see what it’s about. (If you can get your hands on them before they’re sold out).