N65 Steel Grey

Made with non-woven 100% polypropylene fabric, they feature extra stitching along each edge for structure and an aluminum nosepiece for a fitted seal.

Our polypropylene fabric is comprised of 65 GSM (grams per square meter, a weight measure of how many fibers are present in a square meter). 3 ply surgical masks manufactured for commercial use are typically only 25 GSM per layer!

Non-woven materials do not have gaps in between fibers making them up to 75% more effective at filtering air-born contaminates than traditional woven fabrics.

Body: 100% polypropylene fabric

Thread: 100% polyester

Nosepiece: 100% aluminum

Ear loops: 90% polyester, 10% spandex

The front of the mask has pleats centered and back has the folded seam allowance. Recommend wear is 8 hours at a time. 

Care instructions: Machine wash gentle, hot. Air dry.