Sizing Chart

(There are slides located below the video if you are pressed for time) 


1.1 Q: When it comes to your N170, N235, VIZR & XPRS; How do I know if I am a "Medium" or an "XL"? Why isn't there a "Large" size?

A: Great question! Our sizing options for our N170, N235, VIZR & XPRS can be explained like so. 

Medium: Our Medium Size is what we recommend for most adults. With our unique Galvanized steel at the Top & Bottom of our N170, N235, VIZR & XPRS, we're able to provide anyone with a more "average" facial structure the proper fit. This includes most 18+ through 65+ peoples.

XL: Our XL size when referring to our N170, N235, VIZR & XPRS is really quite MASSIVE. Our XL is typically only recommended for peoples with very large facial structures. I.e. Football Players, Gentleman over 6'3, Thicker Skulls. 

1.2 Q: Are the size "small" for N170, N235, VIZR & XPRS a Kids size? 

A: Our size "small" for N170, N235, VIZR, & XPRS are for kids, smaller teenagers, and petite adults.

1.3 Q: I am a 6'2 gentleman with a beard, which mask size would be best for me?

A: For our N65 we recommend our Comfort. For our N170, N235, VIZR, & XPRS, we recommend the XL.

1.4 Q: I am a smaller women, (125lbs and 5'2). My face is on the smaller size too. Which size would you recommend for me?

A: For our N65 we recommend our Medium. For our N170, N235, VIZR, & XPRS, we recommend the Small.

1.5 Q: What is the difference between "Medium" and "Comfort" for the N65? 

A: For our N65 our "Medium" is for bigger preteen agers, average teenagers, and petite adults. Our "Comfort" is a larger mask that covers more space and is best for majority of adults and peoples with larger facial structures or peoples who'd like a "looser" fit.