Mask Care

2.1 Q: How do you recommend washing the mask?

A: We recommend hand washing ALL masks to MAXIMIZE the longevity of the product. That said, we know it is much easier to throw it in the laundry. Our N65, N170, and N235 should withhold up to 90 cycles. Machine Wash In a Mesh Bag, Air Dry.

2.2 Q: Should I use Hot or Cold water? 

A: Either is fine. 

2.3 Q: I accidentally placed our Masks in the dryer, what can I do? 

A: Be in contact with us and we are more than happy to issue a credit towards another purchase. We understand these things happen.

2.4 Q: What soap should we use when Hand Washing?

A: Great question! Anything that is a antimicrobial.

2.5 Q: Are these reusable?

A: Yes!