N235 Hybrid White Base Collection

Our N235 comes with our "Germless Ear Saver" & "Germless Wash Bag"

Our N235 is manufactured around 5 Key Elements with 3 additional Benefits. 

1. 100% polypropylene. With 3 Layers of 100% Polypropylene, it makes our N235 superior to Medically Rated Surgical Masks.

2. We utilize Galvanized Steel at the Top & Bottom to uniquely fit your facial structure. Most masks think we’re all shaped the same, we know that’s not the case but believe your mask should uniquely fit you!

3. The inside is lined with foam to ensure a complete seal in conjunction with the galvanized steel. Blocking particulate from getting or out!

4. One Word. MICROBAN. Our thread is made from Microban Antimicrobial Protection which STOPS germs and viruses from forming!

5. Machine Washable.
6. Recyclable.
7. Latex Free.